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Main page [Libraries]The Republican Library for the Blind

Address:Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Baltiyskaya street, 1-а
Director: Osipova Olga Vilovna. Telephone: (814-2)55-01-20
E-mail: gykrbs@karelia.ru

Karelian Republican Library for the blind is one of the large libraries for the disabled in Russia. The rich book funds in three formats - Brailevsky, "speaking" and flat-typed allow to service readers of various ages and from different social groups.

All processes in the library are automated, the catalogues are being kept in Brailevsky version.
Karelian Republican Library for the blind was founded in 1959.
Karelian Republican Library for the blind consists of 15 library centres within the town and the republic. The total number of readers is 1396 persons. By the 1st of January 2002 the library's fund amounted 98395 items.
All the services of the library for the disabled are free.

  • You could take home any literature (Brail, "speaking" book, large-typed books and ordinary editions), to become acquainted with new books.
  • You could receive books via post or delivered to your house, if necessary.
  • There are also all types of literature in the reading room. Periodicals can be taken home.
  • The flat-typed editions can be read with the help of electronic magnifying glass or by using services of a reader. "Group of loud reading" functions once a week, the repertoire is formed due to the claims of the readers.
  • Karelian Republican Library for the blind is a centre of cultural communication of readers and guests of the library. They regularly arrange literature and musical evenings, meetings with writers and poets, reviews of new literature.
  • The department of non-stationary services supplies the library centres with literature of all types.
  • You can receive any information and order literature on topic you are interested in in the tifloinformational department. The department also publishes an informational bulletin of new receipts. The tifloinformational department possesses the unique literature fund on problems of tiflology. Any unseeing as well as a sighted person interested in tiflology problems could read those books. The general card index on tiflology in a machine reading version is being kept. Besides the department is engaged in publishing activity. It publishes "speaking" books on cassettes and CDs, brailevsky's, flat-typed materials and plans to publish tactile toy-books for little blind children.
  • Professional recording of the "speaking" books is realized in the studio.
  • When publishing brailevsky's materials they use a special computer tiflotechinque (computers with brailevsky and speech output) and programs.
  • The unseeing readers have an opportunity to use the electronic card index, work with Internet, read electronic data and books on CDs at the library.
  • Finland's friends society;
  • Our readers get tape-recorders in a centralized way - via the Society of the Blind, but they may rent a tifloplayer at the library, if needed.