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Main page [Centres]The Republican National Cultures Centre

Address:185620 Petrozavodsk, Lenina square, 2.
Director: Migunova Lana Vadimovna. Telephone: (814-2)78-46-63
Methodical department: Trunova Tatyana Olegovna
Berezina Tatyana Alexandrovna
Telephone: (814-2)76-88-75
E-mail: rcnc@rambler.ru, migunov@karelia.ru

The Republican National Cultures Centre is an ideal base for dialogue of cultures, it contributes to the most democratic relations between government structures and non-government public organizations in the sphere of culture, which helps to form the civic society.

The National Cultures Centre is a cultural institution with the following activities:
- development of national cultures, gratification of specific cultural interests of folks living in the Republic of Karelia, including cooperation with the National Cultural groups:

  • Union of Karelian folk;
  • Ingermanland Finnish Union of Karelia;
  • Vepssian culture society;
  • Russian culture society;
  • Jewish culture society "Shalom";
  • Georgian culture society;
  • Armenian culture society "Artsah" and "Ararat";
  • Azerbaijani culture society "Borchaly";
  • Byelorussian culture society;
  • Karelian society of Finland's friends;
  • Finland's friends society;
  • Ukrainian culture society "Kalina";
  • Greek culture society "Ellada"
  • Tatar culture society "Duslar";
  • United Cossack society of Karelia;
  • Russian-German meeting centre.

Preserving, development and propaganda of cultures is realized through such events as national holidays, creative evenings, presentations, conferences, courses, seminars, lectures, and so on.
- The Centre works to support national mentality, preserve ethnical originality of small in number folks of the republic.
There are language courses and groups attached to the Centre: Karelian language (Southern and Northern dialects), Vepssian language; decorative group, Vepssian communication club;
- The Centre participates in creation of TV-series telling about cultural traditions of small in number folks of Karelia, thus forms a positive field and image of a native inhabitant in the multinational republic;
- The Centre helps to develop conditions for activity of national creative groups. There are choirs in the Centre:

and also child groups: - The Centre provides informational and methodical help for the regions of the republic in realization of the Culture Development Conception of Karelia till 2008.
- The Centre realizes aim federal and republican programs of culture preserving and development, including the federal project "Traditional games and dances of Finnish-Ugric folks" (November 2002);
- The Centre arranges annual Kalevala marathon "Kalevala's runes tangle" (February-April), the Days of Slavic writings and culture (May), report concert of the Centre's creative groups (May);
- The Centre cooperates with Petrozavodsk's master guild, develops and realizes plans of cooperation;
- The Centre participates in interdepartmental republican programs: "Family of Karelia", "Healthy way of life" and others. It participates as well in the federal interdepartmental program "Children of Russia", all-Russian interdepartmental operation "Teenager", and other programs.
- The Centre establishes contacts and cooperates with related folks living outside Karelia.