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Address :185680 Petrozavodsk, K.Marx st, 19
Director : Larionova Elena Gennadyevna.
tel/fax (814-2) 76-56-64

Petrozavodsk's State Puppet Theatre was founded in 1935. Since 1964 it has occupied a separate location.
The auditorium is counted on 153 places, there are small administrative and production rooms as well.
The current repertoire consists of more than 30 titles of various genres and subject matters; Russian tales and shows based on Karelian tales. There is a performance after Karelian-Finnish epic work "Kalevala", (music by Sinisalo, artist - T. Yufa, the performance is played in Russian and Finnish) and modern plays.
The last premiere (24.12.2001) - New Year's performance "Umka-bear" - beautiful, magical tale with lots of interesting tricks (shadow theatre, "Northern lights", light and noise effects) - has become a favourite show for children and adults.

The theatre sticks to the school of classical puppet steering, that is prefers cane and glove puppets. Finger, map case and parquet puppets are used as well. The most interesting ways of stage space organization are "black cabin" - in the concert show-program "Either men or puppets", shadow theatre ("Umka-bear").
Such prominent masters have cooperated with the theatre as S. Belkin, S. Efremov, N. Borovkov, professor M. Korolev, V. Sovetov; artists: T. Yufa, T. Kalinina, H.Skaldina. M.Efimova has worked with the theatre as an artist for more than ten years. Actor's personnel is presented by the following names:

The repertoire is quite diverse to fully present the creative range of the theatre. At the moment they are working on the tale by O. Wilde "Happy Prince", and on "Kullervo" after "Kalevala".
The theatre suggests cooperation with foreign theatres in order to arrange combined shows, plays exchange, promote touring activity.
The professionals working at the theatre can conduct experience exchange in the fields of puppet steering, puppet direction, and puppet manufacture. The theatre is ready to consider any cooperation suggestions.
The theatre has toured round almost the whole Russia as well as Finland, Sweden and Germany.