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Main page [Centres]The Karelian Centre of Folk's Creative Works

Adress:Karelia, 185035 Petrozavodsk, Kirova street,13
Director: Lyudmila Pavlovna Dubinskaya.
Tel. (814 - 2) 78-48-47
Deputy directors: Galina Mikhailovna Dudkina.
Lyubov Sergeyevna Zveryakina
Tel.(814 - 2) 78-55-29
E-mail: folkcenter@onego.ru

Departments of the Centre
Tel.783062, 783379

- Projects and programs department
- Culture and leisure technologies department
- Folk trades development department
- Cultural programs management
- Informational technologies department
- Senior peoples' centre club "LAD"

Creative groups of the Centre:

Folk and ethnographic dance and song ensemble "Karjala" was formed in 1961. Its head is Andrey Anisimov. The base of the group is pupils, students, employees and workers in the age of 14 and older. The repertoire of the ensemble consists of more than 70 Karelian dances, games and songs. The ensemble studies peculiarities and manners of folk dances and songs in various regions of Karelia. Special attention is paid to preserve the folk costume. The ensemble is a prize winner and diploma holder of the international, all-Russian and republican contests and festivals. In 1981 the ensemble participated in the festival of Soviet and Finnish youth in Finland. In 1982 it took part in the science practical conference "Folklore and the Present" in Leningrad. In 1985 the ensemble took part in the XII World-Wide festival of youth and students in Moscow. In 1988, 1990, 1991, 1995 it participated in the international festivals in Finland and Sweden.

Folk music ensemble "Kizhi", (head - Valery Kozlov)
The ensemble was formed in 1987. It consits of 8 people: 7 musicians and a female singer. The repertoire includes theme and variations of Karelian, Russian and Finnish songs and tunes. The musicians have a good command of playing traditional professional instruments and folk wind and percussion instruments. They play more than 50 instruments: bayan, balalaika prima, balalaika bass, smaller domra, alto domra, clarinet, xylophone, zhaleyka, flutes, folk clarinet (liru), block flute and various noise instruments. The ensemble has recorded in the studio of Karelian Radio more than 60 works of Russian and Karelian composers. It is a prize-winner of All-Russian folk instruments players contests in the Northwest region (Petrozavodsk, 1991, 1995). In 1991 the ensemble became a prize-winner of the All-Russian contest dedicated to the 130 anniversary of V.V. Andreyev (Tver). The ensemble is a winner of the republican prize Helmi Malmi in 2000-2001, diploma holder of the "Russian regions" exhibition in Moscow (1999). The ensemble successfully performed in different festivals in Karelia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, France, Norway, Holland.

Barber Shop Quartet "The Hams".
The quartet was formed in 1992. It repeatedly participated in the jazz festivals in Petrozavodsk and Archangel. In 1995 the quartet became a prize-winner of the 1st International contest "The Singing Manhood" in Kaluga. The quartet has visited the USA where it has become a member of Barber Shop Club of Milwaukee. It has toured in Germany, Finland, South Korea. The repertoire of the quartet includes songs in the barber shop style, Soviet jazz, Russian songs, sprituals and original versions of popular foreign songs.

Karelian Centre of Folk's Creative Works proposes cooperation:

  • in creation and development of projects dealing with development of traditional folk culture, independent artistic creation and cultural and leisure activity;
  • in organization of festivals, contests, concerts, exhibitions, seminars, practical trainings, creative laboratories, master classes, consultations and so on;
  • in organization of workshops on different types of handicraft;
  • in development of scenario materials and preparing adapted for the stage festivities, anniversaries, tradefairs and so on;


  • consulting service concerning cultural and leisure activity, traditional folk culture and independent artistic creation, project programming in the sphere of culture;
  • consultations and practical help for the leaders of creative groups;
  • selection of scenario and methodical materials;
  • participation of the art groups of the Centre in festive activities, concerts;
  • audio and video materials on the trends of the Centre's activity and its copying;
  • production of phonograms for plays and holidays;
  • consultations on selections and help in acquiring professional light and sound equipment for cultural and leisure organizations;
  • publishing posters, diplomas, booklets and other polygraphic issues (making a model).