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Main page [Centres]The State Institution dealing with rental of movies "Karelkinoprokat"

Address: 185640, Petrozavodsk, Pravdy street, 40
Director: Anisimova Ekaterina Efimovna. Tel.: (8142) 55-12-80
Deputy Director: Simukova Tatyana Vasilyevna. Tel./fax: (8142) 55-29-28
Repertoire department: Morozova Lyudmila Mikhailovna - head of the department. Tel.:(8142)55-94-89
E-mail: Karelkvo@karelia.ru

Today the State Institution "Karelkinoprokat":

  • Carries out rental of movies within the territory of the Republic of Karelia (90 movie projectors in 11 regions of the republic and towns of Petrozavodsk and Kostomuksha);
  • Owns the cinema and video fund consisting of more than 6000 titles of fiction films, animated cartoons and documentaries;
  • Regularly replenishes the cinema and video fund with new films;
  • Cooperates with big distributor firms of Russia - "Gemini-film", "Panorama", "West" and others;
  • Has a comfortable cinema hall with 25 places.

The State Instution "Karelkionprokat" renders the following services:

  • Rental of films and videocassettes;
  • Organizes a film showing in the cinema hall of the institution (25 places);
  • Provides methodical and informational support in film maintenance of the population, in advertising of new films;
  • Develops programs of film festivals, subscriptions, cinema and video clubs;
  • Provides engineer and consulting services in exploitation of movie equipment, services in repair of movie equipment;
  • Provides transport, advertising, informational services.