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Main page [Educational institutions]Petrozavodsk Professional Music School named in honour of K.E.Rautio

Address: 185035, Sverdlova st, 25, Petrozavodsk
Director: Larisa Georgievna Berdino,
Honoured person in the culture field of the Republic of Karelia
Telephone : (814-2) 78-35-95
Deputy director in the educational activity : Igor Veniaminovich Varlamov,
Honoured person in the culture field of the Republic of Karelia
Telephone : (814-2) 78-28-74
Deputy director in social matters: Irina Vasilyevna Vachayeva,
Telephone : (814-2) 55-88-41
Fax : (814-2) 78-35-95

E-mail: pmk1@karelia.ru

The professional school is a state educational institution with professional training of specialists. There are 235 students being educated at the professional school by 169 teachers and concertmasters. 77 of the teachers are graduates from Petrozavodsk's professional music school. 74 teachers maintain the high category, 28 teachers - different honourable titles. There are graduates from the conservatories of Petrozavodsk, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Kazan, Saratov and Nizhny Novgorod.

The educational institution was originally based on three departments: piano, orchestra and instructor's which trained specialists of different profiles. The first students who would later become famous were G.N. Sinisalo, Т.P. Vainonen, М.I. Gavrilov and others. The first teachers were graduates from the conservatory of Saint-Petersburg, local music enthusiasts (N.А. Solnyshkov, L.V. Vishkarev, А.D. Gershkovich, А.М. Rakhmilevich, А.А. Korolkov, L.Ya. Levin (the first director), L.Ya. Teplitsky.

The selection examinations in the following specialties are conducted yearly in June:

  1. "Instrumental performance" -performer of orchestra (ensemble), concertm aster, teacher of playing an instrument:
    • "Piano";
    • "Orchestral string instruments" (violin, viola, cello, harp, double bass);
    • "Orchestral wind and percussion instruments" (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion). Additional qualification - leader of creative group;
    • "Instruments of folk orchestra" (domra, balalaika, guitar, kantele, accordion) Additional qualification - leader of creative group;
  2. "Vocal" - performer of choir, ensemble.
  3. "Choir conducting":
    • "Choir conducting" - leader of choir and creative group, music teacher.
    • "Leader of folk choir"- leader of choir and creative group, performer of folk choir, ensemble.
  4. "Music theory" - teacher of theoretical musical disciplines. Additional qualification - teacher of rhythmics.
  5. "Musical stage arts":
    • "Instruments of stage orchestra" (piano, saxophone, double bass, guitar, bass guitar, percussion) - performer, leader of stage group, teacher of playing an instrument. Additional qualification - sound technician.
    • "Stage singing" - performer, leader of stage singing group, teacher of vocal.

Form of education - daytime, duration - 3 years 10 months.
Education is free.
Paid education is for foreigners and citizens of the former USSR (except Byelorussia).

The professional school offers paid education.
There are paid week's courses for applicants yearly in March and in June.
We offer dormitory (Anokhina str. 1) for students from another towns with a gym, library, relaxing room and where the students` trade union works.

The professional music school is one of the leading centres of Petrozavodsk's musical culture. It conducts festivals and contests, which are famous both within the republic and out of its borders:
- November - International festival "Music. Youth. Hope" - (annual), the 8th in 2002.
- February - Contest of young folk instruments players (pupils of Children Music School) - (once in 2 years), the 2nd in 2003.
- March - International Jazz festival "Stars with Us" - (annual), the 13th in 2003.
- March - Art Academy for gifted children "Northern muses" - (annual).
- April - All-Russian festival "Meeting with folk song" - (once in 2 years), the 6th in 2003.
- March - April - Contest of young folk singers - (once in 2 years), the 2nd in 2004.
Once a year they also conduct contests together with Petrozavodsk's State Conservatory on specialties "Piano" and "Folk Orchestra instruments".

The professional school has been keeping up the creative cooperation with a musical school in Tohmajarvi, Finland in more than 5 years. Every year the best students visit the musical camp in Finland, give performances there, have classes with Finnish teachers; play with the Barents region's chamber orchestra in Norway. Musicians from Finland take part in festivals arranged by Petrozavodsk's professional music school
. Petrozavodsk's professional music school named in honour of K.E. Rautio is presented by the following groups: Brass band, Orchestra of Russian folk instruments. Academic choir, Folk choir, Big Band, String ensemble.
There is a musical school of pedagogical practice in the professional school where 60 pupils learn, there are also Child's Academic choir and folk ensemble "Peregoudki". The pupils of the school are regular participants of republican, regional contests, they take part in International festivals: "Music. Youth. Hope", "Northern Lights". There are laureates and diploma holders of the prestigious contests among the graduates from the school. Every year 10-12 graduates from the school become students of Petrozavodsk's professional music school named in honour of K.E. Rautio.
Pupils of the school of pedagogical practice give performances in Petrozavodsk, in Karelia and abroad (Finland, Sweden, Norway). The professional school has got one of the best concert halls in town, where concerts, contests and festivals take place. There are 96 keyboard instruments in the professional school, 8 of them are unique firm pianos ("Boston" is one of the best pianos in town). There is a museum of folk homemade arts in the professional school where rare exhibits of daily life, tools, national clothes and musical instruments are collected. There are also a library and record library containing all the necessary teaching materials.

Students of the professional school yearly take part in town, republican, regional and national review contests. More than 30 students have become laureates and diploma holdet-s in recent 5 years. Some of the professional school's groups (Academic choir, Ensemble of the folk song "Zoryayne") are participants, diploma holders, and laureates of different contests. The graduates from the professional school who had become laureates in International contests. They are well known performers in Russian and abroad:
V. Dukaltetenko (accordion) -1974, Germany (III prize); I. Nokelainen (harp) - 1981, Italy (II prize), 1987, Czechoslovakia (laureate); N. Rautio (vocal) - 1983, Brazil (II prize), 1986, Russia (IV prize); Yu. Zamyatina (vocal) - 1994, Russia (I prize), 1997, Russia (II prize); I. Portnaya (piano) - 1995, Italy (III prize); А. Onkin (piano) - 1996, Italy (I prize); N. Mironova (vocal) - 1997, Germany (V prize), Е. Tarahovskaya - 1993, Russia, (II prize), I. Skorik - 1997, А. Onkin (piano) - 2000, Italy (I prize), Е. Falinova (piano) - 2000, Lithuania, Aleksey Konovalov - 2000, Russia (III prize), P. Shamatura (accordion) - 2000, Russia (III prize), 2002, Russia (II prize); I. Smirnov - 2001, Russia (III prize), А. Lysenkaya - 2001, Russia (II prize), М. Bakalin (piano) - 2001, Italy (II prize); S. Ermolayev (vocal) - 2001, Russia (II degree); А. Cheshuina (vocal) - 2001, Russia (III degree); О. Grishchenko (vocal) - 2001, Russia (III degree); О. Tytyk (musicologist) - 2001, Russia (III degree), 2002 г, Russia (I prize), L. Vaganova (music theory) - 2002, Russia (I prize); N. Sorokina (conductor) - 2002, Russia (II degree); Z. Romanova (conductor) - 2002, Russia (II degree); А. Matunina (conductor) - 2002, Russia (III degree); L. Alexandrova (conductor) - 2002, Russia (I degree); А. Pavlova (conductor) - 2002, Russia (II degree); Е. Sergeyeva (conductor) - 2002, Russia (II degree); А. Podolyak (music theory) - 2002, Russia (III degree); А. Kabedeva (music theory) - 2002, Russia (III place).
Famous graduates play concerts at the professional school and participate in festivals.

Yearly the most talented graduates (20-25 persons) enter musical institutions of higher learning in the Republic and Russia. The graduates from the professional school work in the Republic of Karelia and beyond its bounds as well as abroad (about 80 persons), where they represent with dignity the Russian school of musical education.