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Main page [Centres]The State Centre of Protection and Utilization of Historical and Cultural Monuments

The state centre of historical and cultural monument protection of the Ministry of Culture of Karelia is an authorized state body of monument protection in the Republic of Karelia.

Address: 185035, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Malaya Slobodskaya street, 12.
Director of the centre : DybinVladimir Alexandrovich. Tel.: (814-2)76-60-74
Deputy director : Markova Valentina Maksimovna. Tel.: (814-2) 78-46-45
Fedorova Irina Vladimirovna. Tel.: (814-2) 78-46-45
E-mail: loger@onego.ru

Kinds of immovable objects of Karelia's historical and cultural legacy:

  • Urban and architectural monuments;
  • Historical monuments;
  • Archeological monuments;
  • Art monuments;
  • Historical settlements (towns, villages);
  • Historical cultural complexes;
  • Historical cultural (noteworthy) territories.

The main functions of the centre - State administration and state control in the sphere of protection of Karelia's historical cultural immovable objects.

The main work directions of the centre::

  • State registration of Karelia's historical cultural immovable objects;
  • Development of protection measures;
  • The monuments exploitation and restoration control;
  • Organization and using of the monuments and noteworthy places for the cultural, educational and tourist purposes;
  • Spreading of information about the objects of Karelia's historical cultural legacy.

Informational resorts of the centre: Inventory, research and project documentation on immovable objects of Karelia's historical cultural legacy, Photo, video and audiomaterials.

The employees of the centre :
Specialize in history, archeology, town planning, architecture, monument restoration, culture management.