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Main page [Educational institutions]Karelian professional culture school

Address : 185003, Petrozavodsk, Kalinina str, 54
Director :
Mironova Tatyana Alexandrovna, Honored person of culture of Karelia.
Tel. (814-2) 55-96-88.
Deputy director in educational activity :
Ohrimenko Zhanna Grigoryevna, Honored person of culture of Karelia.
Tel. (814-2) 55-98-88
Manager of the correspondence department :
Ovsyannikova Tamara Tikhonovna.
Tel. (814-2) 559608

Karelian professional culture school trains specialists for cultural institutions, schools, libraries, and museums.
Graduates from the school may apply their skills in different shows, library and informational systems, fields of entertainment and club leisure, sanatorium and resort institutions.
They become leaders of dance and folklore groups, museum assistants, directors, actors and ballet dancers, theatre managers, artists.
Our educational institution is situated in Petrozavodsk in two buildings: the main building (Kalinina street, 54) and a floor in the dormitory (Anokhina street, 1).
The educational building of the professional school has: 26 rooms for group lections, 17 specialized rooms, assembly hall with 90 seats, gym, video class, sound recording room, weaving laboratory, 2 painting classes, sewing laboratory, copying room, choreographic classes, computer class, costume room, canteen with 60 seats.
Our library with its reading hall (30250 items) is the only library among the libraries of secondary educational institutions of Karelia, which has connections with the Corporate Library System of Karelia and Internet. The library is equipped with automatic work places.

Cooperation. Non-educational activity.
Searching of partners.

Karelian professional culture school is searching partners for cooperation in concert and exhibition activity. It offers its services in organization of folklore festivities, entertaining programs, and contests. It would help in organization of festivals and master classes.
The decorative department of the professional school would like to cooperate with designers and offers author works in different techniques for creation of original interiors of offices and living quarters. The department is searching partners to organize various educational courses: weaving, artistic sewing and embroidery, painting, creation of folk dolls and patchwork compositions.
Students of theatrical specialty may help in organization of children festivities. Clowns, games, round dances with singing will make funny both any children's performance as well as a Birthday celebrations in the family.
The professional culture school offers its assembly hall with soft seats, professional light and sound equipment for chamber concerts and official meetings.
Contact phone for organizations and individuals interested in cooperation: (814-2) 55-82-10.